Trip to Tuleste Jewelry Dream Land

Tuleste is a hip and chic jewelry New York brand. The pieces are quite funky yet still elegant reflecting true New York style which allows you to look cool in any kind of setting – be it a hipster party or an evening gown event, or just a day at the office or a weekend getaway. The pieces are often gold plated, and have beautiful rich colors, almost everything is a statement piece here.

You won’t need much of a ‘what to wear’ thought if you go for the ostrich and maribou earrings (my favorite were pink) that are quite fashionable and require a bit of a fashion gut to put on, but once you do, you realize they do look classically  beautiful and go nicely with almost any outfit.

I personally love the bangles and got myself a couple along with the beautiful silver flower ring and a rose gold necklace that will brighten up any outfit like the one Satu Greenberg, one of the founders, is wearing here, paired with bright pink gorgeous fur to complete the look. My friend had a Birthday recently and I felt like a bangle from Tuleste would be a great gift and got one for her.

Oh, plus, absolutely in love with their GETOFFME and GETONME logo products and fun litte colorful rings!

Look for Tuleste Market jewelry online and at Opening Ceremony, their website is coming along soon!






Answers to ‘are you happy?’ and Farrah Fawcett Hair

‘Are you happy?’ I have been asked by a somewhat friend today. Twice. What kind of question is that? And, don’t get me wrong, but if it was Osho seating in front of me, asking the same question with his serene face expression and affirming voice I would feel different about it.

But when you live in NYC and are asked this by a person who looks in distress (like all New Yorkers do unless they make it to Hamptons for the weekend and you might catch a smile and a ‘thank-you-God’ expression on their faces for once) what is it that you answer? What is happiness after all?

Is it like being good-looking? The best beautiful people who are truly beautiful are the ones that don’t know how beautiful they are. The best rich people are the ones that are humble. The wisest are not the ones who think they know everything… So is it, that maybe saying you are happy and naming all your amazing successes in life really is rubbing off into someone’s face your true misery, trying to get them to believe you, so they get into the endless rat race with you?

In that case – no. No, I’m not happy. I am work in progress. Always. I’ve always just arrived and leaving for the next destination. There are always things that can be improved and things that are exactly perfect the way they are at any given moment of time.

Here comes Farrah Fawcett Hair song by Capital Cities. As I was running today in the park enjoying this song everything was perfect: the view, Jackie O. reservoir, the fireflies, the mice running right by my side, tourists interrupting for directions to places they are not sure of existence of at all (like dude, I’m RUNNING, and because I’m polite I WILL interrupt my workout for you), so yeah… perfect like people going in the wrong direction (facing the joggers) and beautiful, beautiful dark blue sky with a hint of pink over New York’s old gorgeous buildings and finely lit skyscrapers, the ducks swimming in reservoir and couples holding hands.

Sweets Inspirations

‘Gastronom Eliseevsky’,a food store that’s over 100 years old, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia has an interesting history. As our tour guide said, it was established by the brothers Eliseev. According to the legend, their dad managed to grow strawberries out of season and his master was so impressed he granted him freedom and gave 100 rubles (big amount in those days) to start a new life. Eliseev (still according to the legend) bought a box of oranges and started selling them on the corner of the street where later when business has flourished and his family acquired a title, his sons opened ‘Gastronom’. The store has a huge ‘pineapple’ in the middle with coffee tables around it and under its leaves as a reminder that ‘it all started with exotic fruits’ (quoting guide). 

Unfortunately, taking pictures is not aloud inside but before I knew it I took few pictures of cute sugar mice and dolls, deliciously looking eclairs and also beautifully decorated store windows with little golden angles moving up and down and characters from ‘Nutcraker’ rotating to the music.

Hello Summer!

IMG_9764 IMG_9763 IMG_9760 IMG_9758 IMG_9752 IMG_9751 IMG_9746 IMG_9745IMG_9744

Shoes: Gucci

Dress: Gucci

Glasses: Tom Ford

Bag: Chloe

Photography by @alinaaalias (Instagram)

Love pink and pastel colors trending this season. White is always a good summer color to match with anything any time of day and little gold hardware details complete the look perfectly adding enough glam to make it an outfit for an evening outing too.

Ode to Blogging


Since I started this blog I have been trying to figure out what it should be. Quite a few times I posted not something I entirely approved of but wanted to try it out (like styling lifestyle blogging pictures or hair tutorials), some of it was just to post something (like the funny pictures from internet).

I started this blog for the sole purpose of writing about fashion industry. But what I’ve learned is that people are diverse (what a revelation, right?) and like different things. So whatever I did, I would get some response. And this discovery allowed me to be more of myself.

When you go out into the world and put yourself out there, you expose yourself to being judged, you become vulnerable. Online presence is a great way to try things out. Instead of creating a picture perfect life you can go out there and express your opinions that often times you have to keep to yourself at work, and with friends, even with family and loved ones, and you can follow and share your true passions! Or, you can find comfort in reading and watching the experiences of others. There’s a whole other world that’s been brought to us by blogging – we can travel, we can learn, we can find whatever we want and like, and we can also share our worlds with others! All of that said, I often hate the fact that I’m blogging on WordPress as they are stuck-up, not very helpful and the iPhone application fails more often than not, hence less blogging from my side.

So this is my ode to all the people who are staying connected in a way that lets them broaden their horizons and lets their voices be heard and pictures be seen for more reasons than trying to create an image of a perfect life (hello, instagram). I love exploring the blogging worlds myself. Sadly, I can do it from my phone normally, and my phone fails to put likes or post comments often time (hence sadly). But there are things about WordPress that I love. I love the community here. It is that one of more mindful and creative people, and it is a community that supports every single one that starts to explore the worlds of blogging and sharing pieces of their minds and souls here.

And if you are a blogger, if you like blogging, or want someone to get hooked on it – Please share this post!

Sending online love,


Mood Uplifters

IMG_9774 IMG_9771 IMG_9766

I wish I was better at writing down the sources for pictures but I will learn :)

Tuesday is over and it’s one important day to get through tomorrow before you’re on the more fun end of the week. So if the rain got you staying at home this evening (it was raining in NYC, after snowing only five days ago) here are some mood uplifters.

Take a smile, look at the cat eating colored ice to activate and if it still doesn’t work the only reason is… well, you’ve got the cake for that ;) (or show it to your gf ;)

Cheers to all,

Have a happy week ahead!