What would you like to know about fashion? models?

If you have a question – I would like to answer what I know if I know anything :) Your questions will give me a better idea on what to write about in the future. Thank yoU!


15 thoughts on “What would you like to know about fashion? models?

    • Thank you for the question! It happened that I would have a favorite photographer I’d work with all the time but because of traveling and also using too much of the same face (model) it usually doesn’t last to work together for more than 8-10 times. MY favorite of all time, however, was George Katsanakis from Greece :)

  1. I’ve noticed in some of my wife’s fashion catalogues, they use the same models for all the seasons. Do they shoot a whole season for a catalogue in a few sessions with the same models?

    • Sometimes the clients like the model so much they keep re-booking her. The shootings are done for each season, and can last for few days. But, if your wife likes luxury brands, the pool of models they use is very small (only big names) so maybe that’s why you keep seeing the same girls. It’s the lucky few that get all the best jobs.

    • Thank you for your comment! I have yet to see it but I’ve seen bits of it and a preview, as well as heard a lot of reviews. I’d say it’s a tough start for a young girl model on one hand, but on the other – she gets to travel to Japan for free! Seriously :) But I need to see it and get back to you, as there’s supposed to be a lot of information on the scout/agent herself and the way she works.

      • I saw a trailer for “Girl Model” last night and the trailer was pushing the film as a shocking exposé on exploitation of young girls. I would be interested in your thoughts about exploitation of girls/women in the fashion industry.

      • There’s definitely a big element of exploitation in this industry. It very often happens that young girls travel to distant places, live in terrible conditions, work and don’t even get paid because the agencies say the girls owe them money and charge ridiculously big amounts of money for the services the agency provided… That’s the reality and often it can be sad but there’s an upside as that the girls get to travel at all and spend months in foreign countries.

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